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Salles, Franco de Campos and Bruschinni Lawyers is a law firm that acts on diverse areas of the law, while being highly recognised by their work done in the agribusiness sector.

​Eólica had been given the challenge of developing the brand strategy and new visual identity of the firm, in order to make its true characteristics show through: liveliness, innovation and passion for the practice. Along with the brand, we created also materials that support the company's communications, such as the website, institutional presentation, stationery, complimentary gifts and folders.



A strategy for releasing the new brand was prepared, which included an event with all collaborators and associates of the firm, in order to present the process, the new brand, a video about the new positioning, the stationery, the website, the tone of voice and social media management.


Social media

In this event, we've conducted a cocriation activity workshop with the participants, in order for them to relate to the new brand and to understand how the new positioning works. 


The brand we've created is modern an light, showing the passion for what they do and the proximity they have with the clients. The overlapping arrows used as support elements show the union of the team members towards a bigger objective and indicates growth. The use of light blue and lime green is an innovation in this segment and composes the young and innovative aspect of the brand.

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