How to create a jewellery brand that easily connects with strong and modern women? 

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Every woman is unique and has her own choices, differences and identity. Pravi Design creates authentic jewellery, offering clean, timeless, modern accessories expressing female individuality.

Our project defined this concept and conveyed it as a brand that is just as expressive as the user’s experience of it. The brand symbol alludes to the angular shapes of the jewellery and the many facets of each person, translating the power that each of the brand’s accessories has to highlight the essence of the wearer.


“The results were highly pleasing and the two years of the brand’s existence have proven that the decisions made in the initial structuring it with Eólica were efficient. I have already been paid many compliments on the materials by the clients we come into contact with. The difference that the uniformity of the communication and materials make in the brand presentation and acceptance is noticeable.

Whenever I’m asked about agencies to help a company reformulate a brand or start a business from scratch, I recommend Eólica because I’m sure the work will be competently done and delivered as agreed.

Mariana Clas – Pravi Designer and Founder

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