How can we create a new insurance sales model?

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The GRUPO SEGURADOR BANCO DO BRASIL E MAPFRE project “Família Sempre Protegida” (Family Always Protected) presents a new way of selling insurance that is  closer to the end user by using vending machines, totems and racks to offer products in places such as supermarkets, subway stations and partner shops.

We created the project’s visual identity (brand, icons, and insurance communication models) using visually attractive and self-explanatory language. We then developed a  packaging line that includes home, travel, car, pet, cell phone and life insurance.

To make handling easier and thinking about the business’s sustainability, we chose a DVD box format that can be reused after purchase. The internal part is illustrated and comes with an insurance game that helps to raise awareness and educate young people.


I believe that the Millenium project has been the most revolutionary and innovative project on the Brazilian insurance market in the last few years.
Its value proposition of making a service tangible, translating the insurance jargon and providing a simple and accessible insurance policy to all non-buyers in the main retail stores and areas with a large flow of people in Brazil was extremely bold and forward thinking.
Without a doubt, none of this would have been possible without the dedication and professionalism at our disposal with the Eólica’s team of professionals’ support, whom I take the opportunity to thank and congratulate for their amazing work.

Paulo Rossi – MAPFRE Client Officer 

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