How to help people get around a large set of buildings?

Research and needs assessment

External signage: pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, buildings, roads and parking lots. 

Eólica was challenged to improve how employees and visitors find their way around the Bayer site in Socorro, São Paulo.  

We executed in-depth interviews with employees and visitors to understand the main difficulties when locating buildings, offices and parking lots. Based on the results of the qualitative research and need assessment, we developed a new concept using numbers and colors and the brand guidelines.

With users well-being and quality of life in mind, bicycle stations known as Baybikes were created for employees to borrow them to move faster inside the site. 

In addition, we created internal circuits for walking and exercising, where pedestrians can find out how many calories they burned. 

Bayeco is a drug, oil and battery disposal station, which makes employees’ daily lives easier and helps the environment.

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