How to create an inspiring and welcoming brand to offer funeral insurance services and the purchase of graves without literally addressing death?

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Inspiration: the tree of life

Life springs from the seeds of the tree, which takes root and attaches itself to the earth, but nevertheless, it continues to ascend to the heights, maintaining its balance between heaven and earth.



Everyone deserves to live in peace, without worrying about the moment of their departure. Planning this step is important so that your family members are supported and do not worry about bureaucracies and the high values ​​involved in a loss.


We want to make it possible for everyone to have access to a dignified end after death, with the respect and care that this moment deserves. With that in mind, we created Ziigo.

Our platform presents complete solutions so that you and your family can choose the type of ceremony and the desired burial or cremation place, as well as values ​​and payment methods that fit in your pocket.

We take care of your future for you to enjoy the present.


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Provide our customers with the

tranquility that, after death,

the deceased's body will have respect and careful, with a worthy end.

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To be considered, by our customers, as a trustworthy platform that offers all the necessary support in the search for accessible solutions for a dignified end after death.

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Be the best online platform for

commercialize, facilitate access to customers and increase the visibility of products and services of partners operating in the after-death segment.

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The website was designed responsively with all the concepts of usability, helping customers to understand the services offered and beeing a support tool for the Ziigo sales team.

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