How to be viewed as the best in the sector in terms of energy efficiency?

Research (etnographic, desktop research and in-depth interviews

Strategy and communication planning


Internal communication system

Printed material: catalogs, calendars and notebooks

Graphic project for internal maganize and newspaper

Internal signage at the headquarters in Alphaville

The image of a brand is defined not only by how it is positioned, but also by how it is perceived by its audience. To identify the gap between communication and perception, we interviewed Atlas Copco Brasil’s clients to identify what are they looking for, and what they understand and think about the topic of the energy efficiency of air compressors.

Based on the results, we developed a performance strategy and a plan of action to be used by the company to make its leadership in energy efficiency in air compressors visible to customers. Following up on the project, we helped to create support materials to make this adjustment in communications.

Catalogs and training materials

Internal magazine graphic project


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