How to update the identity of a non-profit association, bringing modernity and respecting its entire history and legacy?

brand strategy
Communication strategy
Visual identity Amigos da Poli
Visual identity and brand architecture of the Centro de Carreiras da Poli

Communication materials: annual reports, folder for the dissemination of structuring projects, posters, posts for social media, banner and invitation to events.


"We’re a non-profit organization that aims to develop the potential of the students in Poli-USP (Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo), contributing the excellence in their formation."

Old identity


Our partnership with the Amigos da Poli Patrimonial Fund started from the moment of its creation, in 2011, when we were hired to develop its visual identity. Throughout this journey, our partnership continued with the creation of support materials for the brand's experience, such as banners, annual reports, folders and presentations.


We were also responsible for defining its communication and brand strategy and for structuring the donation model, to help its growth and, consequently, expand its operations with Poli students.


The result was a significant increase in donations and student and former student engagement with Amigos da Poli.


Eólica’s work is extremely professional and objective. It’s wide ranging methods managed to reflect on our visual identity our objectives and wishes for the brand. Thanks to it’s flexibility and competence, working with Eólica is easy and complication-free!"

Maximo Hernandez, former president to Amigos da Poli


In 2019, Lucas Sancassani, president of the Fund at the time, came back to look for us. The Fund had grown a lot in donations and volunteers and it was time for the visual identity to evolve as well. Eólica's team worked to create a more modern identity, which at the same time respects the Fund's entire history and legacy. We also work on the architecture of the Poli Career Center brands and its new visual identity.

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impacted students

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